About Us

We are an emerging technology solutions company who specialize in providing comprehensive services to businesses and startups in Fintech and Regtech.?

We have helped companies of different scales and market geographies with a wide range of solutions, from product development and roadmapping to process outsourcing and employee upskilling.?

Who we are

We are tech-optimists who believe that technology can not only change the way businesses do things, but also help them redefine themselves. It?s with this vision we started Sunsoft Solutions in 2005.

We began with providing IT solutions to North American businesses, but soon diversified into employee training, strategy consulting, and product development.?

Today, we are dedicated to increasing the uptake of financial and regulatory technology by organizations around the world with a view to transform the way businesses transact.



Fintech and its ancillary, Regtech, are changing the way people and businesses transact. Over the next decade, these will come to be the mainstay of financial services.?

We wish to position ourselves as a Technology Enabler, providing financial technology to businesses all across the world.?

Our chief aim will be to connect industry-best technology developers and transformers to businesses that want to use financial technology to deliver more value to their customers.


Technology is influencing business and commerce in ways it has never before. But what is missing is enabling businesses to understand and use this technology to transform themselves.

We are passionate about helping businesses build technology products in financial and regulatory services. In addition, we also help firms with upskilling programs, training initiatives, productizing business ideas, strategic consulting, and outsourcing solutions.

We began as an IT solutions company in 2005, serving predominantly the North American market. Over time, we have diversified our strengths as well as our market presence. Today, we help businesses, from SMEs to large corporations, all over the globe adopt financial technology and step into the digital-first philosophy.